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Non- Affiliate Programs

Students considering a non-affiliate program must submit a petition to the CIE.

Students should have an academically compelling reason for participating in the non-affiliate program. The CIE will review each petition on a case-by-case basis considering the academic needs of the student and the rationale for their participation. The petition must be approved by Sarah Simmonite, Associate Director, and Andrew Sobiesuo, Director of CIE, before the student is granted approval. The petition must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the CIE application deadline for the intended term abroad. Petitions will not be reviewed/considered/approved if submitted within the same term as the attempted study abroad program. For example, Petitions submitted in June for a same summer program will not be approved.

Note that no financial aid can be applied toward a non-affiliate; this includes all loans, grants, State scholarships, Foundation scholarship, and departmental scholarships.

Should a student choose to pursue a non-affiliate they must attend an Affiliate advising session and then schedule an appointment with Sarah Simmonite to discuss their program choice.

You can find the Petition to Participate in a Non-Affiliate Program here