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Photo Contest Winners

Fall 2018 Photo Contest Winners

Al Reves
"Al Reves"
Sofia Troya
Barcelona, Spain
1st Place
Fall 2018
Pagodas of Bagan
"Pagodas of Bagan"
Robert Carey
Bagan, Myanmar
2nd Place
Fall 2018
A Curious Friend in the Gredos
"A Curious Friend in the Gredos"
William DeJesus
Trujillo, Spain
3rd Place
Fall 2018

2017-2018 Photo Contest Winners

Birthday Shrine
"Birthday Shrine at Shwedagon Pagoda"
Andi McAfee
Yangon, Myanmar
Winner: Culture, Customs, and Traditions
Fall 2017
classroom in the clouds
"Classroom in the Clouds"
John Wilson
Machu Picchu, Peru
Winner: Learning Everywhere/ Global Classroom
Summer 2018
la vida en el carme
"La Vida en el Carme"
Hannah Winstead
Valencia, Spain
Winner: Living Like a Local
Spring 2018
"Trujillo Throughout the Semester"
Kylie Wehunt
Trujillo, Spain
Winner: Video
Spring 2018