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Credit Transfer

Transferring Credits from exchange programs and affiliate programs

Once you have identified a potential study abroad program, email your study abroad advisor to see if desired courses are pre-approved.  Your advisor can check a shared inventory to see if a previous student has taken the same class and received credit.  If a course is found in the inventory, then your advisor will tell you how the course abroad will transfer back to the College.

For courses NOT listed in the inventory, you will need to provide a description or syllabus to the appropriate department chair or appointed professor for evaluation.  See the course approval directory to know whom to contact.  It is the discretion of the professor to award any and all transfer credit.  All approved courses must be documented on the course approval form.  See CIE for this form (Note: you must first attend an advising session or meet with a study abroad advisor before receiving this form).

Grades vs. Credits

The College of Charleston transfer credit policy requires students to earn the equivalent of a U.S. "C" or better to receive credit for an approved course (a "C-" will NOT transfer back).  Transfer grades do NOT appear on your official College of Charleston transcript and is therefore NOT factored into your College of Charleston GPA.  Only the credit hours are posted to your record.  Please note that should you transfer to another college or apply to graduate school, the universities will likely require an official transcript from each school you have attended.  In this case, your study abroad grades will be considered.