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The following information aims to introduce the sometimes complex U.S. Citizenship and and Immigration Services (USCIS) rules which govern the immigration status of international students on campus. 

F-1 Students  J-1 Students


Lawful Presence for Non-US Citizens

Your admissions officer will verify your lawful presence in the United States when you apply to and enroll in the College. When your document expires or your status changes you must provide a copy of your current or renewed document to the Registrar’s Office. Students are not allowed to attend classes unless their lawful presence proof documents are current.

Proof of Lawful Presence Documents for Non-US Citizens:

·         Current Permanent Resident Card

·         Current Visa Documentation    Note: If you have an F1 or a J1 visa, please contact the Center for International Education.     

·         Any other appropriate document which verifies lawful presence in the United States in accordance with the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (“SAVE”) operated by USCIS.

Completion of a FAFSA or possession of a South Carolina driver’s license is not sufficient proof of lawful presence without one of the above documents.