Benefits of Study Abroad

The benefits that study abroad add to your undergraduate and post-graduation career are endless! 

College of Charleston study abroad Alumni report the benefits of their study abroad experience on the CofC and post-CofC career. 

Read about the differences these study abroad alumni are making in the world and their insight on the benefits of study abroad in the Alumni Spotlight section of our blog. 

If you, or someone you know, studied abroad through the Center for International Education and would like to share the benefits you received from study abroad and how study abroad influenced your life or career after graduation, please email our office at ! We would love to feature your story for other CofC students in our Alumni Spotlight!

Statistics support the benefits of study abroad, and we've included some below: 

  • A 2017 study found that 78% of respondents mentioned study abroad in their interview, likely due to the wide range of skills that study abroad helps develop.--U.S. News & World Report
  • An IES survey found that 96 percent of respondents reported increased self-confidence due to study abroad. 
  • Another IES Survey found 90% of students who studied abroad were hired within 6 months of graduation as compared to 49% of the general graduating population. They also landed starting salaries that were $7,000 higher, on average, than non-study abroad students.
  • Studies have found that 97% of students with study abroad experience found a job within 12 months of their graduation.-- Arcadia
  • The Erasmus Student Network found that an average of 92 percent of employers prefer transversal skills in their employees, which you learn when studying abroad.
  • Students who studied abroad earned 25 percent more than their peers who did not study abroad.--Huffington Post
  • An AIFS study found that 40% of respondents report that they were told in the interview that study abroad set them apart from other candidates when being selected for the job and 24% reported being given a job assignment as a result of their study abroad experience.