Financing Study Abroad

Below is a list of applicable aid towards College of Charleston administered, exchange programs, and affiliate programs:

  • Federal loans
  • Federal grants including Pell
  • State grants
  • Life Scholarships
  • Palmetto Fellow Scholarships
  • Foundation Scholarships*

College of Charleston Academic Scholarships, Merit, and certain Foundation Scholarships can ONLY be used for College of Charleston faculty-led semester and exchange programs where students are charged CofC tuition.

Review the chart and confirm with your financial aid counselor what current aid can be applied towards your specific study abroad program.


We encourage students to apply to a variety of scholarship opportunities available including those offered by the CIE, the School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs (LCWA), affiliate programs, and federally-funded awards.  To learn more please visit our scholarship opportunities page.

Budgeting/Financial Planning

The CIE encourages students to estimate the costs of their proposed study abroad program, and discuss it with all parties contributing financially to their program.  Planning ahead allows students to get the most out of their study abroad experience.  In order to help you plan, we have created a worksheet to help you estimate costs associated with your program and identify your sources of funding.  Please consult your respective program's website to find out your program fees.