Student Testimonials

Isabel Findeisen- CofC in Cambodia and Vietnam (Summer 2017) & API in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Spring 2018)


Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity that all students should take advantage of. I feel so strongly about this that I studied abroad not just once, but twice! I spent a summer in Cambodia and Vietnam, and a semester in Croatia, and without both of these experiences I would not be the person I am today. Getting to experience new cultures first hand is such an amazing phenomenon.

Living in Dubrovnik for a semester really allowed me to better understand people who have lived through experiences I could never image. Being able to talk to both my advisors, professors, and fellow students about their experiences with and feelings about living in Yugoslavia as well as the fall of Yugoslavia. I was also able learn more about the subject than I believe I ever could have in just a classroom. The same goes for studying in Cambodia and Vietnam, we were able to learn about the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnam War while talking to people who have direct connections to those major historical events. These opportunities are something that I cherish as a political science major

My programs gave me perspective I would have never gotten without studying abroad. Both in my major and what I love to learn about at school, and well as in my life day-to-day.

Marybeth Grimes- SAI London (Fall 2017)


What was your favorite thing to do in your host city?

There are so many things I love to do in London, and there is always something to do in the big city. Generally, I really just enjoyed going out and exploring all of the different districts and areas throughout the city. If I had to pick my absolute favorite, it would probably be the Brick Lane market on Sundays. Brick Lane is located in Shoreditch where you can find endless amounts of street art and graffiti, ethnic food vendors from all over the world, vintage shops and clothing, live music, and even a community nomadic garden where friends gather and enjoy their Sunday afternoons. Brick Lane is such an eclectic place and I had never felt anything like energy I felt walking through the market. All of the markets in London are unique in their own way and I highly suggest visiting all of them!

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Amanda Anyim- ISA Universidad de Granada (Summer 2018)

Amanda Anyim

Who says you can’t be a STEM major and study abroad all during college? You definitely can, I am a living testimony!! As a pre-med and Honors student, I know how busy one’s schedule can be, especially during the school year. However, your dreams to travel, see another country, or perfect your foreign language skills should not be hindered because of your other academic responsibilities.

I completed a one-month study abroad at the University of Granada in Spain of summer 2018. I am telling you, the experiences I attained from living in my first homestay to learning Spanish in an actual Spanish-speaking country were invaluable. Not only did my Spanish improve on a “100,” studying abroad gave me a more globalized lens of the world that we live in, more independence, and better group-dynamic skills. The KEY: once you have the slightest in-feeling that you may want to study abroad, do NOT wait until you are sure. Start speaking with your advisor EARLY (both major, minor, and foreign language), visit study abroad fairs, attend affiliate program talks….just get out THERE. And of course, speak with the CIE, they have tons of resources and people that will be willingly to guide your pre-departure journey!

It is all about being proactive and open-minded. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits! Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or advice/ tips at