Virtual Programs through Affiliate Providers

Whereas international academic virtual experiences have become necessary to accommodate the challenges for today, CIE is committed to assisting all College of Charleston students who choose to engage in virtual experiences for academic credit. A student who wants to participate in a virtual study abroad course, full program, or internship for academic credit will adhere to CIE’s policies and procedures in the same respect as a traditional study abroad experience. Specifically,

- CIE will work with students researching, applying to, and participating in a virtual program hosted by its exchange partner university or one of its approved affiliated, third party organizations.

- Students will submit an application in ViaTRM, CIE’s study abroad application portal.

- Students must complete all the subsequent required steps and processes on advising, course approval, registration and transfer credit.

- All services offered by CIE will be available to students participating in virtual study abroad experience where applicable. 

- A study abroad fee of $150 will be assesed 

Students applying to a virtual program (course or internship) for academic credit with an affiliate provider are eligible for a CIE general study abroad scholarship of $500.

NOTE: any student interested in participating in a virtual study abroad course to fulfill a major/minor requirement MUST seek clearance from the academic advisor or department chair of their major/minor.

Listed below you will find a list of our Affiliate providers offering Virtual Programs - both courses and internships for credit: